All Together Now

A Plymouth-wide
music project for
students and staff
in SEN/D schools

Wren Music’s team works in partnership with staff in SEN/D schools, where students and staff take part together: song writing, playing instruments, singing together and making a band.

The project builds towards an informal performance for the school community, and leaves teachers with songs, tunes and techniques to carry on after the musicians leave. Wren Music bring real acoustic instruments and take a selective and targeted approach with technology. Everyone is able to take part in a way that they feel comfortable.

The project in action

Click on the image above to see the original leaflet inviting schools to participate. This also explains how the project works in the schools.

After a delayed start due to the pandemic the project is now completed and was able to very closely follow the original project aims and objectives.

Five schools took part: Brook Green Centre for Learning, Cann Bridge, Mill Ford, Courtlands, and Woodlands. Each school had 2 cohorts of pupils experiencing 5 workshops, and then a final performance to parents and friends, plus staff CPD and follow up sessions with pupils.

All Together Now Project Finale

The ‘All Together Now’ project culminated in a joint performance at Woodfest 2022.

Woodfest is an annual summer music festival, hosted by Woodlands Special School. Over 10 schools attended the fully inclusive and accessible event and performed in a band/choir/group in front of the other schools.
In this photo gallery, you can see five of the schools involved in the project with their staff, singing and signing a song that was written as part of the project together, in front of the large audience.
Each school, wrote a verse of the song, which identified something that was important to their school about singing/music.
All of the children and staff involved had a great time writing, performing and being involved in the whole project. They have all expressed interest in another project being run with a final performance opportunity available like this one.

Click on any of the photos for a full sized view

Wren Music Implementation Report

Below is the full detailed report by Wren Music concerning the implementation of the project. You can read it or download it.

Photos of the project in action at Woodlands and Cann Bridge Schools

Video of Jon and Paul of Wren Music showing teaching staff at Woodlands how to use open-tuned instruments as part of their CPD

Click on this box to view all of the scores created collaboratively by the children and the Wren musicians

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