Hire an Instrument

Young players have a number of options for obtaining instruments. It is often best to hire an instrument in the initial stages rather then buy and many schools have a supply of the more common instruments that students can hire at a set fee per term. Alternatively many music shops have excellent rent-to-buy schemes which enable young people to start on an instrument without having to make an expensive purchase if they decide after a few months the instrument is not for them. PYMS has a small stock of the more common instruments which are currenty available for hire at a rate of £30.00 per term i.e. Autumn, Spring and Summer. The minimum hire period is one term .Several stores in the Plymouth area offer an excellent range of instruments and professional and helpful advice to all potential players and their parents. For further information on instrument hire and local instrument suppliers who offer rent-to-buy schemes please contact Barrie Mills, Leadership Associate, Music youthmusic@plymouth.gov.uk