The Plymouth International Choir


This is an exciting new collaborative project between Plymouth UK and Plymouth, Massachusetts in the United States of America. The musical objective for this project is to share performances through cultural exchange from 2015-2020. The final 2020 concerts will celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers journey in 1620 to North America which departed from Plymouth, England.

Notre Dame School is leading a major collaborative community project which will involve many local schools in choral performances with the US schools here in Plymouth. In the first year the US Massachusetts Plymouth choir will come to Plymouth UK to take part in a concert with students from five secondary and five primary schools. This will form a choir of 200 students. This is very much a celebration of music and the enthusiasm for this to be a successful project has been considerable!

The following Plymouth schools will be taking part: Notre Dame Roman Catholic School, St Boniface’s Roman Catholic College, Devonport High School for Girls, Eggbuckland Community College, Manadon Vale Primary , Montpelier Primary, Oakwood Primary, Lipson Vale Primary and The Cathedral School of St Mary.