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The Benefits of Music

Many of us are aware of that the effect of music on personal well-being can be extraordinary . Many people flock to the numerous music festivals that take place across the UK every year, to soak up musical experiences of different styles and genres.

However, many are unaware of the numerous recent studies that have shown that regular engagement with music from a young age leads to intellectual, social and personal development. Clear links to language development and the development of literacy, numeracy and concentration and listening skills have been recognised.

Further to this, learning a musical instrument can develop:

  • self-expression
  • co-ordination and motor control
  • self-confidence
  • personal responsibility
  • problem solving skills
  • new friendships and social skills
  • a career pathway

In short, engagement in music creates healthier and happier people!

Instrumental Tuition in Schools

Plymouth Music Education Hub (PMEH) provides access to instrumental and vocal tuition for pupils attending schools or colleges in Plymouth. The facility is managed by Plymouth Youth Music Service, the lead organisation for PMEH, which is part of Education, Participation and Skills within Plymouth City Council.

In the first instance, parents or students wanting to take up an instrument are advised to discuss their plans with either the Head of Music or a music teacher at their school or college.

The PYMS Head of Service is available to liaise with schools to assist them in obtaining the tutors they need. We are also able to offer advice and information to parents and students about tuition, hire or purchase of instruments and related matters.

The cost of the lessons can vary from school to school. The average charge per term, per student is £50 to £60 for ten lessons which represents good value for the high quality tuition that the young players will receive. This charge is affected by things such as contributions to the costs made by individual schools and some remission opportunities provided by schools for those who are unable to meet the full cost of lessons.

A wide range of tuition is available covering most wind, brass and stringed instruments and keyboards, percussion including drum kit and tuned percussion and singing lessons. All tuition is provided by professional tutors, usually with considerable experience in their field, who ensure that students enjoy their music making, get the best possible training and are able, with application to make real progress on their instrument.

Lessons are weekly, ten per term and normally given in groups of two to four players and they will last approximately twenty to thirty minutes. The young players enjoy structured, challenging and fun lessons as they develop and improve their playing skills. Most schools have ensembles that young players can join when they begin to feel confident enough. These ensembles are invaluable in adding to the young musicians playing skills and broadening experience. As they become more proficient (Grade III upwards) they have the opportunity to join one of the well-established city youth ensembles. Click on the “Ensembles” button above for more information.

Click here for a look at where music can take your child in the South West. PMEH Progression Map

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